Joint Fillers for a Wide Range of Concrete Flooring Needs                                  

Find the polyurea and epoxy joint fillers you need to protect, strengthen, and repair your commercial and industrial concrete flooring.

Whether you’re a building manager or a business owner, you rely on the integrity of your concrete flooring, and need to find the right joint filler the first time. When it comes to partnering with a supplier who understands exactly the quality and care you take in ensuring that your floors and facilities are in optimal condition, you can trust Metzger/McGuire. We have everything you need for all your industrial and commercial concrete flooring needs, including a range of industry-leading joint fillers.

If you haven’t already tried our solutions, we encourage you to explore our epoxy and polyurea joint filler products or get in touch with a specialist who can provide details and recommendations on the right product or products for your needs.

The Importance of a High-Quality Joint Filler

As the foundation of your business, company, or warehouse, your concrete flooring needs to be durable and strong. A high-quality joint filler is a pivotal part in making that happen.

When you are discerning about the kind of joint filler product you’re using, that means that you’re selecting the appropriate solution for the task at hand. This may include considering how heavily trafficked the area is, how long you have to get the job done, as well as the building temperature.

Selecting a top-notch and compatible joint filler is also a smart investment. When you choose right the first time, you’ll decrease the expense of replacing filler or repairing joints later due to a subpar product. You will also be taking the proper steps to keep your concrete flooring dependable against cracking over time and properly protect joints against spalling.

Metzger/McGuire Joint Fillers that Go the Distance

When it’s time to find the right joint fillers to preserve and protect your concrete flooring joints, you need look no further than the highest quality options in the Metzger/McGuire product line.

To tend to newly placed industrial concrete flooring contraction and construction joints, or to repair joints that have deteriorated, choose from our highest quality semi-rigid epoxy and polyurea joint fillers, which include:

MM-80: Known as the “industry standard” and the first of its kind, this heavy duty, semi-rigid epoxy is formulated to fill and protect joints in areas that bear significant loads and frequent forklift traffic.

MM-80P: A variation of the classic MM-80, MM-80P is distinct in its availability in a 1:1 ratio version (vs. 5:1 for the classic MM-80), making it ideal for use with bulk dispensing dual-component pumps.

Spal-Pro RS 88: This semi-rigid polyurea joint filler is ideal for protecting and filling contraction and construction joints in high-traffic areas and is available in a wide range of colors.

Edge-Pro 80: Is best used to fill and protect joints in exposed concrete retail floors and in moderate-duty warehouse concrete floors.

Edge-Pro 90: Developed to fill and protect joints in heavy duty industrial concrete floors subjected to frequent and demanding traffic. Its primary function is to protect joint edges from spalling under material handling vehicle traffic.

Spal-Pro RS 65: This fast-setting semi-rigid polyurea “sealant” is designed for use in commercial and retails areas subject to light to moderate traffic.

Spal-Pro 2000: A heavy duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler intended for use in protecting and repairing contraction and construction joints in high traffic industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors- including freezer or cooler buildings.

Spal-Pro RSF: for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial and freezer/cooler concrete floors. RSF can be applied in temperatures as low as -30ºF (-35ºC). 

Whatever your particular need or inclination, it won’t be difficult to find the right joint filler product to meet your performance and aesthetic expectations. We offer joint filler products suitable for any kind of joint in your commercial or industrial floor such as:

Additionally, most of our fillers are available in more than 72 colors to best match your design intent. If you’d like to peruse all available colors or receive cured material samples, give us a call at 1-800-223-6680.

Why Choose Metzger/McGuire Joint Fillers?

We take pride in our commitment to cultivating our expertise and sharing it with our customers through a line of industry-recognized joint filler products and top notch, 24/7 technical support. When you want to get the job done and safeguard your concrete flooring, you can rely on Metzger/McGuire products to protect, repair, and maintain your investment.

The work of providing top-tier solutions to our customers is something we’ve been doing for over 45 years. In that time, we have dedicated ourselves to developing first-rate concrete flooring products for industrial and commercial use. We’re also proud to say that we offer a product line that complies with the demanding U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, including LEED v4 joint filler/joint sealant VOC emission standards. You can rest assured knowing that you’re choosing a quality item, no matter the exact option.

Ready to Find the Right Joint Fillers for your Project?

Reach out to us by phone or email at with questions about the right joint fillers for your upcoming project or to satisfy your repair concerns. We’ll be happy to recommend solutions you’ll feel confident in.