Joint Clean Out /Repair Saws

Joint Cleanout/Repair saws equipped with dry cutting diamond blades are critical to prepare/clean joints prior to installing semi-rigid joint fillers

In order for a semi-rigid epoxy or polyurea joint filler to achieve proper bond to joint side walls, it is critical that joint walls be abraided/cleaned using a joint cleanout saw. The saw blade must be in contact with both joint walls or the saw run up both sides of the joint. This action removes all dirt, saw laitance, curing compounds, etc. and re-opens the concrete pores.

There many options and available units within each category but two of the key components of productive joint cleanout saws are an efficient dust shroud housing-enabling connection to a HEPA filtered vacuum system-and an “up-cut” diamond blade rotation which helps facilitate dust and debris flow to the dust collection port.

For high production joint filling projects, a gas or propane powered joint cleanout saw coupled with a gas or propane powered dust collection system is preferred because it eliminates the need to run hundreds of feet of electrical power cord.

Electric walk-behind joint cleanout saws are common for smaller project and those where easy access to power is available. These units are typically much less expensive than their gas or propane powered counterparts. The electric joint cleanout saw is a great alternative on those projects that prohibit the use of gas or propane powered equipment within the workspace.

Handheld electric joint cleanout saws (grinders) are also available and are often be used in tight quarters such as beneath racking, narrow aisles, or wherever space would not allow for the larger units. Below you will find a variety of joint cleanout saws that we have tested and that our customers have had good success with throughout the years. Our technicians are available to discuss your equipment needs and to help you determine which unit is right for your project and your ongoing work.

US Saws Dust Buggy | Joint Clean-Out Saw
US Saws JS-131 Gas Joint Cleanout Milling Machine
Gorilla GCT-X Series Joint Saw
Perfect Trac Joint Cleanout /Cutting Saw
US Saws Mark-III | Joint Clean-Out Saw
US Saws JS-160 Propane Powered Joint Clean-out Saw
Gorilla GCT-10 Joint Cleanout/repair Saw