Crack Chasing Saws

Crack Chasing Saws are used to clean and prepare random cracks in concrete prior to the installation of semi-rigid epoxy or polyurea fillers.

Crack chasing saws are available in both walk-behind and handheld versions and use 4 ½” – 7” dry cutting diamond blades. Like joint cleanout saws, a crack chasing saw requires a dust shroud covering the blade with a port connected to a HEPA filtered dust collection system.

Walk-behind crack chasing saws are available with electric motors or gas/propane motors and provide a comfortable and convenient method for opening cracks to receive joint filler without having to be on hand and knee. Walk-behind crack chasing saws would typically provide for greater overall production.

Hand-held crack chasing saws utilize electric right angel grinders in 4 ½”, 5”, or 7” and are equipped with a dust containment shroud with port to connect the vacuum system. Hand-held crack chasing saws, because of their more compact size, are ideal for working in tight quarters and also provide the operator with a bit more control for small crack preparation.

Listed below are a variety of crack chasing units which we have tested and which our customers have reported good success in using in the field. Our technicians are always available to discuss your specific needs and to help you determine the crack chasing saw that is best for your needs.