Concrete Joint Sealants

Concrete Joint Sealants – Industrial Concrete Joint Sealants, Fillers and Floor Repair Products – Metzger/McGuire

North America trusts the world leader in concrete epoxy joint sealants and polyurea-based joint sealant products including color matched sealants and fillers

For epoxy joint sealants and industrial floor repair products, including color matched epoxy and polyurea-based products in the U.S., Metzger McGuire is the trusted world leader. When it comes to protecting your industrial, retail or warehouse floors our products set the standard in North America as the best available for all industrial applications.

Our products will extend the life of your concrete floor and save wear and tear on your employees and your equipment. Our products and expert support offer the highest quality repair and provide long-lasting solutions.

We have an extensive shipping and distribution supply chain that covers all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canada and Mexico.

In North America for a wide selection of epoxy joint sealants, polyurea joint sealants, colored repair materials, epoxies, and moderate duty and semi-rigid polyurea joint fillers, find a Metzger McGuire distributorship by clicking on your home state or North American region below. Call us at, (800) 223-6680, for more information.