Dispensing Guns

Dispensing Guns for joint fillers and repair products in dual cartridges

Successful installation of cartridge-based joint fillers and repair products requires specialized dispensing guns tested and approved for optimal performance.

Many of our rapid-setting polyurea systems are packaged in dual component cartridge systems. Dual component cartridge systems, in conjunction with static mixer types engineered for specific polyurea products, allow for a proper chemical mix during the dispensing process. This dispensing option is critical as most polyurea technologies have rapid gel times which make hand mixing impractical or impossible.

When using one of our joint filling or repair products available in a dual cartridge system it is important to use the proper dispensing gun to ensure an even, consistent mix and cure. Additionally, our products are available in a range of dual cartridge sizes and each could potentially require a different ratioed dispensing tool. For best results in dispensing our materials we recommend that you choose one of the dispensing guns listed below when dispensing our products.

The dispensing guns listed below are recommend for our products based on many years of successful experience in the field. If you own or are considering alternate equipment to dispense our products, please contact us to discuss the suitability of that equipment for our individual products. Dispensing guns range widely in quality, durability, thrust ratio and performance. Our technical service department will help you select the best dispensing gun for your needs or can confirm whether alternate dispensing tools are recommended for use.