Our sawcut joint fillers will go the distance to protect and repair your industrial and commercial concrete floors.

Protect and repair sawcut joints in your concrete flooring with filler products you can trust from our selection of industry-leading semi-rigid epoxy and polyurea joint fillers.

Sawcut joints are the most vulnerable part of concrete floor system. Unprotected joints will erode or spall over time and lead to multiple problems. You can rely Metzger/McGuire’s sawcut  joint protection products and our many years of industry expertise to ensure the long term durability and serviceability of your commercial or industrial concrete floor.

Why Concrete Sawcut Joints Matter

In order to accommodate the natural drying shrinkage process that occurs in concrete, the proper execution of contraction, or control, joints are essential to control cracks from forming. Control joints are essentially “planned” cracks that are strategically placed to induce cracking from shrinkage stresses to occur along a joint line, rather than to develop randomly as cracks.  Control joints are both aesthetically more desirable and easier to fill/protect than random cracks.

The most widely used methods for creating these control joints is through the use of saw cuts.

Saw cutting joints in concrete occurs very early in the concrete curing process and proper timing is critical to ensure that the saw cuts “activate” and drive the cracking stresses to the joint line.  When executed properly, sawcuts are for more serviceable and durable than a random crack.  Proper spacing of sawcuts in slab is also important in many ways, including:

  • Preventing and minimizing random cracking form occurring
  • Improving the performance of filler products
  • Creating clean and consistent joints

For guidance on the best practices for sawcut joint installation and placement, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professional concrete flooring consultants.

Metzger/McGuire Sawcut Joint Fillers

The keys to a successful sawcut joint protection system include selecting the appropriate joint filler for the demands of the floor, proper joint clean out/preparation, and proper joint filler installation techniques and proper finishing of the installed filler.  Here we will focus on selecting the proper joint filler.

Sawcut joint fillers range in hardness and are measured using a Shore A durometer. The higher the Shore A reading is the more rigid the filler.  Various floor demands may dictate various hardnesses.  For example, a heavy-duty distribution center where lift truck traffic is frequent and loads are heavy might require a sawcut filler with a Shore A hardness of 90-95.  A grocery store with a polished concrete floor limited to largely pedestrian/cart traffic might only require a product with a Shore A of 65-70.  Additional considerations might include ultimate operating temperature, whether color stability is essential or not, when in the slab curing process the filler is to be installed, etc.

Because each floor type and its demands are different, we offer a variety of colored semi-rigid sawcut joint fillers suited for each floor type.  Whether the key concern for a given floor is rugged durability to protect against lift truck traffic or an exact color match to enhance a stained/polished concrete floor, Metzger/McGuire offers a filler to meet the demand, such as:

MM-80: Known as the “industry standard” and the first semi-rigid joint filler, this product is ideal for filling and repairing sawcut control joints in warehouse/distribution center floors.

Spal-Pro RS 88: Known as the “industry standard” semi-rigid polyurea joint filler for stained/polished and retail concrete floors as well as widely used in warehouse/distribution center floors.

Spal-Pro 65: A lower Shore A “semi-rigid sealant” designed for use in stained/polished retail concrete floors. Unlike other sealants it can be ground/polished after placement.

Edge-Pro 80: A moisture tolerant semi-rigid polyurea joint filler suitable for filling and protecting control and contraction joints in retail or commercial concrete floors.

We welcome you to browse our website to view our full product line of Color Fast Joint Filler maintenance and repair products to find the perfect color for your project needs. Find the shade that provides an exact match for your concrete flooring repairs.

To explore the color-stain matches available, use our online color match form or give us a call at 800.223.6680 to request samples or inquire about finding the color you need for your individual or commercial project.

The Metzger/McGuire Guarantee

At Metzger/McGuire, we have 45+ years of experience delivering industry-leading industrial joint filler products for protecting, repairing, and maintaining concrete flooring in industrial, commercial, and retail spaces.

We’re proud to offer a product lineup of 100% solids products that comply with the rigorous U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

As an industry leader, we strive to offer only the most high-quality and long-lasting products. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or building owner, you can count on our joint fllers and concrete floor repair products to provide optimal protection throughout the service life of any concrete floor.

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