Industrial & Retail Concrete Floor Repair

Industrial and Commercial Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete Floors That are Consistently Repaired and Maintained Will Last Years Longer and Reduce Overall Costs

Proactive concrete floor repair ensures the integrity and stability of your facility’s foundation by addressing potential defects early in their development. Since concrete is rather porous, even small surface cracks and chips can quickly become rather large issues because of day to day use and traffic. If you consistently are monitoring your industrial concrete floors and you can perform maintenance repairs that will improve the integrity of your concrete floors

A Wise Facility Owner is a Floor Conscious Owner

Floor and Floor Joint Filler Maintenance Programs

Concrete Floor Joint & Surface Maintenance

Reduce Material Handling Vehicle Costs by Investing in Floor Repairs

Concrete Floor is Existing Industrial Buildings Asset or Liability

Joint Filler Separation on Retail Colored Floor Slab Projects

Our industrial and polished concrete floor joint fillers and repair and maintenance products have been setting the standard in our industry for decades. We have products that will protect and repair joints, cracks, surface defects, gouges, bolt holes and more. Call us at 800.223.6680 for more information or to find a local distributor. Metzger McGuire