How to Repair Interior Concrete Floors 

Wondering how to repair a concrete floor with our industry standard joint fillers, epoxies, and polyureas? Check out these step-by-step instructional videos.

Metzger/McGuire Classic MM-80 - Industrial Floors

Armor-Hard Joint Spalling Greater Than 1 "

Edge-Pro 90 Joint Filling in Armor-Hard Repair

Spal-Pro RS 88 Cartridge Installation and Finishing

Spal Pro 2000 Minor Joint Repair Up to 1" Installation Instructions

Sand Modified MM80 Application For Metal Keyway

SRG Installation Instructions

SRG Aggregate Modified 6" Surface Repair Installation Instructions

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor in Spalls/Defects Less Than 6" Install Instructions

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor Random Cracks - Industrial Floors

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor Polished Floors (During Stain/Polish Process)

Metzger/McGuire Crack Repair with Rapid Refloor on Polished Floor (After Stain/Polish Process)

Spal-Pro 2000 For Industrial Cracks 1/4" - 1" Installation Instructions

RS-88 For Retail/Industrial Cracks 1/4" - 1" Installation Instructions