How to Repair Interior Concrete Floors 

Wondering how to repair a concrete floor with our industry standard joint fillers, epoxies, and polyureas? Check out these step-by-step instructional videos.

Metzger/McGuire Classic MM-80 - Industrial Floors

Armor-Hard Joint Spalling Greater Than 1 "

Edge-Pro 90 Joint Filling in Armor-Hard Repair

Spal-Pro RS 88 Cartridge Installation and Finishing

Joint Filler Replacement using Spal-Pro RS-88

Spal Pro 2000 Minor Joint Repair Up to 1" Installation Instructions

Sand Modified MM80 Application For Metal Keyway

SRG Installation Instructions

SRG Aggregate Modified 6" Surface Repair Installation Instructions

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor in Spalls/Defects Less Than 6" Install Instructions

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor Random Cracks - Industrial Floors

Metzger/McGuire Rapid Refloor Polished Floors (During Stain/Polish Process)

Metzger/McGuire Crack Repair with Rapid Refloor on Polished Floor (After Stain/Polish Process)

Spal-Pro 2000 For Industrial Cracks 1/4" - 1" Installation Instructions

RS-88 For Retail/Industrial Cracks 1/4" - 1" Installation Instructions

Armor-Hard Kit Surface Repair Greater than 6" Installation Instructions