Dispensing Pumps

Dual-Component Semi-Rigid Joint Filler Dispensing Pumps

Successful installation of the best semi-rigid joint fillers requires top quality equipment engineered and tested to work with our joint fillers. Here are some great choices.

Dispensing solutions for semi-rigid joint fillers are many, including hand mix, dual cartridge and dual pump. Semi-Rigid polyurea joint fillers like our Spal-Pro RS 88 or Edge-Pro 80 cannot be dispensed by hand mixing as their pot life/mixing time is too short. With epoxy joint fillers like our MM-80P even though hand mixing may be feasible the productivity gains from dispensing via dual pump vs. hand dispensing can be substantial. Dispensing materials through a dual component dispensing pump provides a fast, economic solution when compared to dispensing from dual cartridge units and it is essential to consider a dual component pump when projects are large or when installation costs must be kept lower.

Just as important as selecting the right dual component pump is the cleaning and maintenance of that equipment. That’s one reason we offer the pump cleaning product M-Flush and why we provide technical bulletins and hands-on training to ensure knowledge of the proper procedures.

The dual component pump equipment listed below is recommend for our joint filling products based on many years of successful experience in the field. If you are considering an alternate dual component pump to dispense our joint filling products, please contact us to discuss the suitability of that equipment for our individual products.

T19 Recommended Dual-Component Pump Flushing Procedures (Polyurea)

US Saws One Man Polymer Pump
US Saws Electric Dual Component Polymer Pump
GP-2 Slim Dual Component Pump
AST SOC-0500 “Huskie” One Man Polyurea Pump