Project and Repair Your Industrial and Commercial Concrete Floors with our Contraction Joint Fillers

Select contraction joint fillers you can trust from our variety of epoxy and polyurea filler products.

We are proud to bring our many years of knowledge and experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing concrete flooring though an extensive product lineup of concrete joint filler and repair products you can trust. We are dedicated to being the industry leaders you turn to for all your industrial and retail concrete flooring solutions.

When it comes to protecting and preserving contraction joints in your warehouse or commercial flooring, you can trust our products to deliver the quality and performance you expect from Metzger/McGuire.

Tend to and Treat Contraction Joints with Nothing but the Best Products

Contraction joints, also commonly referred to as control joints, are aptly named for their role in controlling where cracking occurs as a result of the stresses of concrete drying shrinkage. These intentionally Induced planes of weakness in concrete floors reduce the likelihood of random cracking and allow for “cracking” to occur within joint lines.

One of the most important design standards when it comes to engineering these joints is to allow for the application of a joint-filler product to protect joint edges. That is where our line of contraction joint fillers comes in. When you choose one of our top-notch contraction-joint filler products, you will help to protect these joint edges from deterioration or “spalling” under impact from material handling vehicle wheels or cart traffic.

Employing a proper joint filling product with the right application and at the right time will also help ensure that your floor can withstand heavy loads and avoid spalling or damage to machinery wheels as a result of improperly filled or open joints.

When it comes to choosing the best product for your flooring needs, quality and durability should be at the top of your priority list. We can simplify the search for you with our extensive selection of long-lasting and heavy-duty joint fillers. Protect your investment and save time and money by selecting an one of our specially designed joint fillers products. Of course, if repair needs do arise, you can also count on one of Metzger/McGuire’s trusted contraction and construction joint repair products as well.

Contraction Joint Fillers from Metzger/McGuire

Whether you’re in need of a repair solution or a quality filler product, we have multiple options for you designed for your specific application. In many cases, our products do double duty as contraction joint fillers and effective repair remedies. Here are a few examples of the options available to you, both in terms of joint fillers at the time of flooring installation or products that will repair surface deterioration and spalling.

Epoxy Joint Filler Options

If you’re searching for an epoxy joint filler product, no further. MM-80 was the first semi-rigid epoxy joint filler on the market and remains today the industry standard.  MM-80 protects more floor joints worldwide than any other filler.  The product is available in a classic 5:1 ratio (1 gallon kits) or in a convenient 1:1 ration (MM-80P) for use with dual component pumps. Both products can be used in filling and protecting contraction joints as well as repairing surface cracks and joint damage.

Polyurea Joint Filler Options

As for rapid-setting polyurea contraction joint filler options, you have a number to choose from.

One semi-rigid polyurea to consider is Spal-Pro 88, which is suitable as a contraction joint filler as well as a joint-repair solution. There is also the Spal-Pro 65, which is great for filling and sealing joints in commercial and retail concrete flooring. Another excellent choice is our edge-Pro 80.  Edge-Pro 80 is moisture tolerant and designed to finish flusher with the floor surface than any other polyurea on the market.

Regardless of whether you’re in need of a contraction joint filler for your commercial, retail, or industrials floors, we are happy to work with you to find the right solution depending on temperature constraints, time restrictions, or preferred application methods.

Choose Metzger/McGuire for Your Concrete Flooring Solutions

We strive to stand out and earn your confidence when you’re seeking the right products and solutions for your industrial and commercial concrete flooring needs. That is why we blend over 40 years of experience creating and distributing high-quality and industry-leading filler and repair products with a team of seasoned experts who are available to advise you in constructing, designing, and maintaining long-lasting and high-performing concrete floors.

Choose our LEED-compliant products to confidently fill contraction joints in your warehouse flooring or to repair spalling or joint damage. If you have questions about a specific project or the right products for your space or concern, contact us at or by phone at 800.223.6680. We are eager to field your questions about our product line, service offering, as well as discuss trainings and Metzger/McGuire product distributors near you.