Chemical Manufacturing Floor Repair & Maintenance

The Industry Standard in Concrete Joint Fillers and Repair Products for Chemical Manufacturing Floor Repair & Maintenance

Metzger/McGuire has led the way in the development of concrete floor joint protection systems including rigid, and semi-rigid epoxy and polyurea joint fillers as well as concrete edge and crack repair for more than 45 years.

When it comes to concrete chemical manufacturing floor repair and products such as expansion and control joint fillers, both standard and color matched, as well as concrete floor edge repair and rebuilding and crack filling and repair, count on the company that led the way in the creation of the industry’s first semi-rigid joint filler over 45 years ago, MM-80, and that continues to lead innovation in the field right up to the to the latest technology in rapid setting polyurea joint fillers and repair products, Metzger/McGuire.

Concrete Chemical Manufacturing Floor Repair Products | Industry Leading Durability for Concrete Crack, Joint and Edge Repair on Your Chemical Manufacturing Floor

Are chemical manufacturing floor repairs an ongoing headache for your maintenance team? Are you tired of buying expensive repair products that claim to last but often don’t? Stop wasting precious time and money trying to find generic permanent solutions from big box retail hardware and supply, and call Metzger/McGuire, your single best resource for the latest chemical manufacturing floor repair products, and training, which will ensure durable, lasting concrete floor repairs.

Metzger/McGuire Set the Industry Standard in Concrete Joint and Edge Repair Products Over 45 Years ago, and Continues to Innovate the Market With Regards to Concrete Floor Repair Products With Each and Every Product Release

Facility owners and managers worldwide have relied on our concrete repair systems for over 40 years. Our semi-rigid epoxies and polyurea’s are ideal for protecting the edges of your concrete floor joints and repairing cracks before they become problematic. From concrete joint fillers, to edge and crack repair, to spalling, and major concrete defects, Metzger/McGuire has a product to ensure your repair will stand the test of time.

Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair Products | Rigid and Semi-rigid Epoxy and Polyurea Joint Fillers, Crack Fillers and Edge Repair for Chemical Manufacturing Floors

Metzger/McGuire floor joint fillers and concrete repair products such as edge and crack repair are specially engineered and formulated to provide optimum protection in a range of concrete floor settings such as concrete chemical manufacturing floors.

Metzger/McGuire – Known by the Floors We Protect

Our concrete floor products have been specified in, and utilized on, countless construction projects over the decades by some of the world’s most respected brands, architects and construction companies. Many of the world’s most recognizable brands have historically, and continue, to trust Metzger/McGuire products to protect and enhance their workplace, retail, showroom, warehouse and office floors. Brands like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Ford and many others, have recognized the value inherent in protecting their floors with the world’s leading concrete floor construction and repair products.

Some of the polished concrete floor applications we enhance and protect with our industry leading epoxy and polyurea products including joint fillers, reconstruction and surface products like structural epoxy mortars, under-slab stabilizers, pit grouts chemical densifiers and more;

Our Industry Leading Products are Used in the Following Applications

Unrivaled Technology, Exceptional Customer Service, the Industries Deepest Technical Expertise, and the Most Dedicated Staff, Have all Led To The Market Leading Reputation we Enjoy, and Earn Every day. We Consider it our Greatest Asset

Metzger/McGuire has earned a market leading reputation by providing top quality products, exceptional customer service, the industry’s deepest technical expertise, and consistently high-quality color matches for that perfect finish when it comes to industrial joint fillers and concrete floor repair products for all types of concrete flooring including polished concrete floors.

When it Comes to Color Matching Technology, Our Concrete Floor Repair and Rebuilding Products Truly Shine

Having pioneered semi-rigid joint fillers almost 50 years ago, including color matched industrial joint fillers, Metzger/McGuire can offer you consistently high color matches for all of your stained and polished floors. Whether you need a custom color match, or simply want to choose from a large variety of our semi-custom off the shelf colors, you can be assured that you’ve made the best investment in your concrete floor’s protection and serviceability.

With Metzger/McGuire as your partner, the finished product is guaranteed to be both functional and beautiful. Call today to speak to a product specialist 1-800-223-6680

About Metzger/McGuire

We offer a vast range of epoxy and polyurea products designed to provide an interruption free concrete floor surface. From filling joints to repairing cracks and surface defects to grouting polished concrete floors, Metzger/McGuire has a product that will suit your unique needs. Most of our products are available in a wide range of colors to best match your floor. Every product comes paired with top notch customer service, technical support and the security of knowing that you are working with an industry leader laser focused on producing the highest quality concrete floor protection products available. We look forward to partnering with you on your next concrete floor project.

Our chemical manufacturing floor repair products often ship same day and can be shipped around the globe to ensure you have materials when, and where you need them. Call 603.224.6122, or reach us toll free at 1.800.223.MM80.