Repair Concrete Floor Imperfections


Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid.  When cured, Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 70-75.

Compressive Strength: 3550 psi

LEED Compliant: Yes, Download the LEED Compliance Letter   United States |  Canada
Download the LEED V4 Rapid Refloor Pit Grout Certification


Standard Packing:1500 ml (750x750) dual cartridge kit.
Optional Packaging: 600 ml (300x300) dual cartridge kit

Basic Use

Rapid Refloor Pit Grout was developed to fill/ repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, pop-outs, surface pitting, scratches and gouges, etc.  It can also be blended with dry aggregate to produce a repair mortar for various concrete deficiencies.  Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is designed for use in commercial or retail polished concrete floors where final building temperatures are 32°F (0°C) to +120°F (49°C).

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