Polyurea Control Joint Fillers for Concrete Industrial Floors and Slabs

Polyurea Control Joint Fillers are the ideal choice for concrete joint edge protection in retail, commercial and warehouse floors.

Metzger/McGuire is a leading manufacturer of polyurea joint fillers for use in filling and protecting control/construction joints in concrete floors. As a joint filler polyurea offers many advantages including quick traffic access, color stability and application in a wide range of temperatures.

The use of a semi-rigid filler is critical in protecting concrete joints from spalling or eroding under impact from lift truck wheels or carts, pallet jacks, etc.  Left unfilled, control joints can become damaged and gather dirt, dust, and debris. In industries such as food processing, and in pharmaceutical or medical facilities, they can harbor moisture-bearing bacteria and can serve as ideal homes for pests.

Why Polyureas? The fast curing, color stable joint material for a lifetime of protection for your control joints.

Today’s construction schedules are faster than ever and every minute gained in application and cure time of a product is important.  Polyurea joint fillers are ideal for fast track construction projects as their quick cure times can allow access to other building trades in one hour or less from the time of placement.  Epoxy joint fillers can require 6-8 hours or longer.   For those concrete floors that will be ground or polished polyurea can also be ground far quicker than a comparable epoxy joint filler.  Add superior color stability and unlimited color choices and you can start to see why polyurea can be an ideal choice for your project.

Our polyurea control joint fillers are durable and designed to withstand both pedestrian/cart traffic and the demands of heavier duty forklifts. They are the preferred choice for industrial freezer and cooler floor applications, as they cure at temperatures as low as -30°F.

Semi-rigid and structural polyurea control joint fillers and repair products. Fast, easy, reliable shipping across North America.

We sell a variety of polyurea joint filler and repair products to suit your concrete joint filling and crack/surface repair needs. Our extensive shipping and distribution supply chain that covers all 50 states in the USA and the territories, along with Canada, Mexico and many other countries. We invite you to browse our products below.

Polyurea control joint fillers for commercial and industrial slabs – safe, efficient, trusted.

Our polyurea control joint fillers and surface repair and protection materials will extend the life of your concrete floor and save wear and tear on your equipment and your employees. Our products, backed by expert support, are your best bet for long-lasting floor protection and repair solutions. Call us for more information or to find a local distributor today, 800.223.6680.