Polyurea Concrete Repair with Industry-Recognized Products

Find the top-notch polyurea concrete repair solutions you need for your next restoration project at Metzger/McGuire

When you choose Metzger/McGuire polyurea products for handling all your commercial and industrial concrete repair needs, you’ll notice the wealth of options available to you. We understand the range of concerns and issues that may arise when it comes to concrete repair in your facility, and we respect that a solution may come in different forms and approaches. If you’re seeking a high level of quality in the products you choose and the power to find the solution that works best for your concrete repair needs, look no further than our line of polyurea concrete repair products.

Essential Considerations for Concrete Repair

No concrete floor is truly “maintenance free.”  It’s impossible to prevent all instances of concrete wear or degradation, but it is quite possible to find the quick curing and effective repair solutions for concrete defects.

In the instance of concrete repair, whether you need to fill and repair a concrete void or tend to areas of joint spalling, joint filler collapse, or slab edge curling, the good news is that with the right timing and appropriate product and technique you can easily remedy the problem and prevent further damage.

Once you’ve identified the issue and cause of deterioration, the next natural step is finding a suitable repair product. Of course, before you pick your repair product, you want to ensure that you’re considering factors such as the time you have for repair, the volume of traffic, the type of loading and vehicles involved, and the building temperature.

Our selection of both semi-rigid and structural polyurea concrete repair products are specifically designed to perform in a variety of repair scenarios.  Forego the guesswork or worrying over the quality and integrity of materials by exploring and choosing from the high-quality options available to you at Metzger/McGuire.

Choose from a Quality Polyurea Concrete Repair Product

It can be dizzying, the number of concrete repair options out there. We aim to simplify and demystify the process of finding the best product for your concrete flooring repair concerns with our line of top-notch, durable, and long-lasting products. We want to help you get the job done well and give you the peace of mind you deserve in knowing that you’ve chosen a quality, reliable product. That’s exactly what you’ll find in our line of polyurea concrete repair products formulated to address concrete repair concerns on a range of industrial and commercial flooring.

Our polyurea products come in two main categories: semi-rigid and structural. Both types are fast-drying, which allows for other construction work to take place within an hour or so after application. They are also both effective at bearing heavy loads and frequent traffic and are distinct for their durability.

Where they diverge, however, comes down to where they will be used.  Semi-rigid polyureas have some flexibility and lower range adhesive strengths.  They are well suited for use in repairing joints and cracks where continual movement may occur.  Structural polyureas are very rigid and have very high adhesive strengths.  Accordingly, they are better suited for static defects such as pop-outs, gouges, or non-moving cracks. Here are a few standout options to consider for your next commercial, industrial, or retail concrete floor repair project.

Edge-Pro 80: A semi-rigid polyurea joint filler that works well in filling and protecting control and contraction joints.  Available in a wide range of colors and moisture tolerant.

Spal-Pro RS 88: This product is a semi-rigid polyurea joint filler that works well in supporting concrete joints subjected to heavier more frequent traffic.

Spal-Pro 65: This is another semi-rigid polyurea “sealants” option that is quick-setting and best for filling and protecting both contraction and construction joints where traffic and loads are lighter such as a retail store.

Rapid Refloor: This structural polyurea is best suited for fixing random cracking and minor surface defects such as bolt holes and popouts.  Very fast setting and packaged in dual cartridges for convenient dispensing.

Rapid Refloor XP: Another structural polyurea option, Rapid Refloor XP is intended to address a wide array of concrete floor surface issues, such as gouges, missed saw cuts and joint rebuilding, etc.  A two-part hand mix material but still sets quickly.

If you have questions about the full lineup of polyurea concrete repair options, we welcome you to browse our inventory online and give us a call at 1-800-223-6680 with any questions about product specifics and availability.

We also offer most of our polyureas in 72 ColorFast colors, so finding a suitable match for your floor and repair project shouldn’t be an issue. Ask one of our specialists for details on the color options available in the polyurea repair products that interest you.

Entrust Metzger/McGuire with Your Polyurea Concrete Repair

For over 45 years, we’ve been an industry leader in concrete flooring, producing next-level products and disseminating a high level of knowledge to our customers.

Whether you’re seeking advice on constructing, designing, maintaining, or repairing high-quality and high-performing concrete floors in your industrial, commercial, or retail space, or you’re looking to us to find the right polyurea concrete repair product, we’ll be there for you.

Ready to get started?

To help you get started on your next polyurea concrete repair project, simply send questions and inquiries to info@metzgermcguire.com or contact our technical service department by phone at 800.223.6680. We’ll be happy to provide suggestions about the most suitable option for your needs from our LEED-compliant product line.