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Protect your floors with Metzger/McGuire products, for 50 years the industry standard in concrete floor repair and maintenance, from joint fillers and pit grouts, to joint edge and crack repair, we have you covered.

When it comes to the specification and use of industrial expansion and control joint fillers, crack and joint edge repair products, as well as surface preparation materials like fine grouting products for the construction, repair, and maintenance of polished concrete floors, including those stained and colored, Metzger/McGuire has been setting the industry standard for 50 years.

Metzger/McGuireKnown by the Floors We Protect

Our concrete floor products have been specified in, and utilized on, countless construction projects over the decades by some of the world’s most respected architects and construction companies. Many of the world’s most recognizable brands have historically and continue to trust Metzger/McGuire products to protect and enhance their workplace, retail, showroom, warehouse and office floors. Brands like Amazon, WalMart, Target, Costco, Ford and many others, have recognized the value inherent in protecting their floors with the world’s leading concrete floor construction and repair products.

Metzger/McGuire has earned a market leading reputation by providing top quality products, exceptional customer service, the industry’s deepest technical expertise, and consistently high quality color matches for that perfect finish when it comes to industrial joint fillers and concrete floor repair products for all types of concrete flooring.

When it Comes to Color Matching Technology, Our Floor Products Truly Shine

Having pioneered semi-rigid joint fillers almost 50 years ago, including color matched industrial joint fillers, Metzger/McGuire can offer you consistently high color matches for all of your stained and polished floors. Whether you need a custom color match, or choose from a large variety of our semi-custom off the shelf colors, you can be assured that you’ve made the best investment in your polished concrete floor’s protection and serviceability. With Metzger/McGuire as your partner, the finished product is guaranteed to be both functionaland beautiful.

Commercial and Residential Architects, as Well as Construction and Development Companies, Have Specified Metzger/McGuire Products in New Construction and Repair/Remodel Projects for Decades

Architects and construction companies have specified Metzger/McGuire products for decades to solve structural, longevity, safety, and design challenges on all types of concrete floors across more industries than we can count.

As a leader in the industrial concrete floor protection and construction product market for commercial, industrial and high-end residential applications, we are often asked to assist in the specification and bidding process for major construction projects. Let us help you too. If you are an architect, or a construction contractor working on a specification or bid packet, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our floor product specialists to answer any questions you may have.

When it Comes to the Maintenance and Repair of Industrial Concrete Floors, Count on Metzger/McGuire to Deliver Both Product and Expertise

Facilities Maintenance Managers have long chosen Metzger/McGuire repair and protection products for their quality and reputation in the marketplace, as well as the in depth technical support they receive pre and post sale. Let our concrete floor product technical support specialists help you specify the right products and repair processes for your job. With a global distribution network supporting Metzger/McGuire products we can also point you in the right direction for both on demand product supply and a list of qualified installers to help you on your way.

We Protect All Types of Concrete Floors in All Types of Facilities

From sealed poured concrete floors, to decorative stained and polished concrete floors, to the most demanding superflat or high tolerance floors, we have provided solutions for all types of facilities across many different industries.

Here is a sample list of facilities we often provide products for

  • Consumer Product Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Food and Beverage Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Big Box Retail and Grocery Stores
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • General Warehouse and Distribution
  • Automotive Manufacturing Facilities
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
  • Light Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Colleges, Universities, Schools
  • Airports and Hangers
  • Travel and Transportation Facilities
  • Office and Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Light Commercial Facilities
  • Custom Residential Homes

Metzger/McGuire Full Line of Products Include Solutions For

  • Epoxy Floor Joint Fillers
  • Polyurea Floor Joint Fillers
  • Structural Epoxy Mortars for Repair or Re-nosing
  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Concrete Floor Patching
  • Surface Repair and Preparation
  • Joint and Edge Repair, Rebuild and Reconstruction
  • Surface Grouts for Pitting and Increasing DOI/Gloss
  • Concrete Slab Stabilization

All it Takes is Just One Call

Not sure what you need or how to start? Just make one call and put the experience of 5 decades to work for you with the assistance of a Metzger/McGuire specialist at your side. He or she can help you in the specification process.

Looking for repair and maintenance help? No problem, just utilize the Metzger/McGuire FIRMS program to get the full picture when it comes to floor condition assessments, repair specifications and budget recommendations, as well as qualified bidder lists to ensure you not only get the products you need, but the providers you need to see your repair project through to successful completion.

Ask us About Our 5 Year Gold Seal Warranty

Warranties across the industry are fairly standard at 1 year, so that means you need be exceptionally careful when specifying a product for use for your application. Choosing a manufacturer like Metzger/McGuire with a decades long tenure in the industry, one with a pedigree that includes notable industry firsts such as the production of the industry’s first industrial semi-rigid joint filler, will go a long way in ensuring your floor service or maintenance procedure will stand the test of time long after the warranty expires.

We are so confident in our products and experience, we offer a 5 year Gold Seal Warranty on qualifying projects. Bring Metzger’s industry experts in on your project early during the specification process and utilize recommended product selections, installation processes, and qualified professional installers and you will be entitled to our 5 year Gold Seal Warranty at no additional cost. (Ask your Metzger/McGuire specialist about the details).

If You Have a Choice, Why Not Choose the Industry Standard

Metzger/McGuire has led the way in the development of industrial concrete floor protection systems for 50 years, pioneering some of the most important and impactful developments the industry has seen.

Every product comes paired with top-notch customer service, technical support, and the security of knowing that you are working with an industry leader laser focused on producing the highest quality concrete floor protection products available. We look forward to partnering with you on your next concrete floor project.

We invite you to browse our repair products for concrete floors below to see which best suits your needs.

Our Products

Products for Stained/Polished Concrete Floors

Spal-Pro RS 88 is a 100% solids, two component heavy duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint filler intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors.

Edge-Pro 80 is a two-part, 100% solids, rapid-setting polyurea polymer liquid system. When cured, Edge-Pro 80 is a rubberlike solid with a hardness of Shore A 80-81.

Spal-Pro RS 65 is a 100% solids, two component rapid setting semi-rigid polyurea joint “sealant” intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in retail or commercial concrete floors.

Rapid Refloor is a 100% solids, two component,low viscosity structural polyurea/polyurethane hybrid intended for use in repairing cracks and small surface defects in industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors.

Rapid Refloor XP is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid. When cured, Rapid Refloor XP is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 75-80.

SRG is a low viscosity structural polyurea polymer designed to fill pinholes and other micro defects in concrete floors that will be ground/ polished. It can enhance surface durability and reflective gloss.

Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a two-component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid.  When cured, Rapid Refloor Pit Grout is a rigid structural polymer with a Shore D Hardness of 70-75.

SPF is a water based single component film forming liquid intended for use in the protection of concrete slab surfaces against staining which can result from epoxy joint filler overfill.