Epoxy Control Joint Fillers for Industrial Concrete Floors and Slabs

Keep your control joints sealed with epoxy. Protect your industrial surface employees, equipment and inventory when expected, or unexpected, slab joint movement occurs.

The best in epoxy control joint fillers and other industry-standard concrete crack- filling products are available from Metzger-McGuire. From our headquarters in New Hampshire we’ve been setting the industry standard for four decades.

Control joint fillers and other expansion materials are a key part of protecting a commercial or industrial concrete slab floor. The control joint allows both for purposeful movement, and for shifting due to temperature and moisture changes, or drying and shrinkage, after the floor has been set.

Dirt, dust, and debris can gather in the control joint if left unsealed. In industries such as food processing, and in pharmaceutical or medical facilities, they can harbor moisture-bearing bacteria and turn your cement floor into a disaster.

Epoxies Concrete Joint Fillers | Why Epoxies? Strength and Water Resistance

Your slab will shrink or expand at the control joint for years, though most takes place within the first 90 days. Our epoxy control joint fillers are designed to keep the concrete breakage contained along the intended fill line – rather than randomly across the slab, causing damage.

Our epoxy control joint sealants are strong, water resistant and should only be used in temperatures above 35° F. All have the appropriate temperature ranges and surfaces clearly listed for their intended use. Epoxy adhesives are better in heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives.

Epoxies typically cure 4-8 hours after initial setting and are not as sensitive to moisture as other products. Those cured at higher temperatures, rather than room temperature, generally have better adhesive properties.

Semi-rigid epoxy control joint fillers can be used for joint sealing in freshly poured concrete or to repair deteriorating control joints in an existing floor. Epoxies are an excellent choice for sealing floor joints that operate under continual movement.

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Use epoxy for control joints in industrial concrete floors of all types, including polished floors

We sell a variety of epoxy filler products to suit your concrete joint filling needs.

Our extensive shipping and distribution supply chain covers all 50 states in the USA and the territories, along with Canada and Mexico.

Epoxy control joint fillers for commercial and industrial slabs – safe enough for artistic or decorative concrete

Our epoxy control joint fillers and other expansion material products will extend the life of your concrete floor while saving wear and tear on your equipment. Our products and expert support offer the highest quality repair for long-lasting solutions. Call us for more information or to find a local distributor today. Metzger/McGuire 800.223.6680