Colored Control Joint Fillers and Colored Saw Cut fillers for Concrete Industrial Floors

Colored Control Joint Fillers and Colored Saw Cut fillers
for Concrete Industrial Floors

Epoxy and Polyurea Joint Fillers in 72 ColorFast Match Any Color Floor!

Colored saw cut and colored control joint fillers (also mistakenly known as colored expansion joint fillers) are an essential part of protecting or repairing your commercial or retail exposed concrete floor slab. Our fillers are available in more than 72 colors to better allow you to mask the joints in any concrete floor.

Don’t leave behind obvious signs of repair. Our concrete repair and restoration products are manufactured to exacting color match standards.

Concrete expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes, and proper jointing prevents the development of stress that will eventually cause cracks. Saw cut joints can minimize cracking, and filling your saw cut joints will keep your employees and customers safe – and drive performance on your warehouse floor.

Semi-rigid fillers support the joint edges in heavily trafficked areas. We recommend filling joints after your slab has settled and shrunk as much as possible – a minimum of 28 days after concrete placement and as long as possible.

We sell a variety of epoxy and polyurea joint filler products to suit your concrete repair and joint filling needs. Our epoxy fillers can all be mixed by hand, and they allow for the addition of sand or aggregates if desired. Our Polyurea fillers are great for applications in freezer and cooler buildings, as they cure at temperatures as low as -30°F.

Our 72 Standard ColorFast Colors Match Any Concrete Floor

Semi-rigid floor joint fillers can be used for filling joints in newly placed concrete floors or for repairing deteriorated joints in an existing floor. Semi-rigid fillers are also a good choice for repairing a concrete crack that is subject to movement or re-opening during the concrete drying-shrinkage process.

Structural epoxy mortars are used to repair or rebuild concrete surfaces and are especially well suited for repairing larger surface defects or holes. When used in combination with sand or aggregates, structural epoxy mortars are ideal for repairing and rebuilding concrete floor joint edges or broken slab panel corners.

We have an extensive shipping and distribution supply chain that covers all 50 states in the USA and the territories, along with Canada and Mexico. We invite you to browse our products below.

Colored Saw Cut and Control Joint Fillers (Also mistakenly Known as Expansion Joint Fillers) Available Worldwide  | Don’t Let Repairs Tarnish The Look Of Your Concrete Floor

Our colored epoxy and polyurea joint filler products for saw cuts and control joints will extend the life of your concrete floor and save wear and tear on your employees and your equipment. From saw cuts, to expansion joints, to other repair issues, our fillers our rugged, will stand the test of time, and are available in over 72 standard colors. Our products and expert support offer the highest quality repair for long-lasting solutions. Don’t let repairs tarnish the look of your concrete floor. Do the job right with our ColorFast concrete floor repair products. Call us for more information, or to find a local distributor today, 800.223.6680.