Colored concrete joint filler to fill joints and repair cracks and other defects in your concrete floors.

Colored concrete joint filler to fill joints and repair cracks and other defects in your concrete floors.

Metzger McGuire can supply concrete joint filler in over 70 72 standard colors as well as customize a color specifically to for your application!

Repairing cracks withFinding a colored joint filler in to match colored concrete floors and walls used to be nearly impossible. , that is until Metzger/McGuire’s ColorFast line of joint fillers ensures a quality match for any project. developed a remarkable solution. We invented ColorFast, a unique line of joint fillers that makes the job easier than ever.Metzger/McGuire’s ColorFast is products are sold byavailable through hundreds of distributors and is the preferred solution of contractors, retailers and industrial clients throughout the country.

ColorFast – the Only Solution for Colored Concrete Defects

Since concrete is expensive, it should be carefully preserved to minimize repair and replacement costsDefects in colored concrete are ugly and can also pose safety hazards. The same is true for damaged or unfilled floor joints.  You should purchase ourOur ColorFast joint fillers can prevent concrete floor damage and the first signs of wear.

Why do our customers prefer ColorFast colored concrete expansion joint fillers over other industrial options?


Our colored concrete joint fillers are made from 100% solids, so they're much more versatile thanrugged and durable long term than polymeric sand and other fillers. Unlike polymeric solutions, ColorFast fillers have a consistent hardness and are highly resistant to wear from rain and other elementsand damage.

Mitigate Any Defect

You should strive to give your colored concrete a nearly flawless appearance. Our joint fillers can eliminate any signsmask the appearance of cracking or other defects. They also blend seamlessly with your concrete!

Wide Range of Colors

Joint fillers need to closely match the color of your concrete. Our ColorFast fillers come in over 70 72 different colors and can be matched to your exact specification, so you can use them with any type of colored concrete.

Prevent Future Damage

At Metzger/McGuire, we firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Our ColorFast fillers are considered the “industry standard” for concrete floor protection and are a great investment in the future of your floor’s serviceability and durability. have a high coefficient of thermal expansion, so they expand to fill gaps in your concrete. This minimizes internal stresses from thermal contraction and expansion, which reduces future cracking.

LEED Compliant

Our ColorFast joint fillers meet all U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) requirements for joint sealants and contain zero VOC’s, so they can be used in any most facility that must meet the standards of the FDA and other government agencies.

Order ColorFast Products Today

ColorFast is products are a remarkable, new solution for any organization maintaining colored concrete. It They can treat any most defects without while leaving any few traces of the repair.

You can read more about ColorFast products here. You can alsoOr call us at  1-800-223-6680 to request more information. We look forward to hearing from you!