Colored Concrete Floor Patching Products for Heavy Industrial Use

Colored Concrete Floor Patching Products for Heavy Industrial Use

Expertly patch and protect your concrete floor from any damage thrown your way! Match your existing Floor color with over 72 standard colors

The patching of industrial concrete floors, and providing the products that make our customer’s concrete repairs stand up to any test, is our specialty at Metzger/McGuire. For more than four decades we have dedicated ourselves to repairing and protecting concrete slab floors in industrial settings because we know just how important your floor is to your operation.

The value of your floor’s optimal condition cannot be overstated!

Timely, proactive concrete patching and protection is essential. Even small defects or cracks can pose hazards to workers and lift trucks and can negatively affect operations-costing you money. You are responsible for the safety of your employees and inventory – especially in those heavily trafficked areas where repair needs are most common.

Concrete Patching Products in More Than 72 Standard Colors Will Hide Repairs. Take Care of Issues Early – Before They Become a Problem!

We carry not only a wide variety of patching products but also products that repair concrete cracks, fill contraction and construction joints, stabilize concrete slabs and repair all forms of surface defects. Our concrete repair products can address any issue your industrial, commercial or retail concrete floor might face.

Fill holes, solve contraction and construction joint problems, and stabilize slabs from deflection and rocking in areas affected by heavy forklift traffic.

Our technical assistance, coupled with exceptional products, help provide the highest quality repairs for long-lasting solutions. Our trusted epoxy and polyurea products allow you to restore and return concrete floor areas to vehicular traffic in minutes, not hours or days!

For Industrial Concrete Floor Patching and Expert Support for Long-Lasting Solutions, Trust the North American Leader

Our concrete patching and other concrete slab floor protection and repair products have been setting the industry standard for decades. All of our concrete patching products are 100% solids and compliant with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) standards and acceptable for use in facilities subject to regulation by the USDA, FDA, and CFIA.

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