Crack Repair Products for Industrial Concrete Floors

Quickly and effectively fix crack repair concerns with Metzger/McGuire’s industry-leading epoxy and polyurea products

When you encounter cracks in your industrial or commercial concrete flooring, it’s important to find a quality product to repair the issue. Since you don’t want just a temporary fix, turn to the industry leaders in epoxy and polyurea joint filler and repair products. Regardless of the exact concern, scope, or scale of the issue, Metzger/Mcguire has the high-quality solution you can trust to get the job done and go the distance.

Setting the Standard for Top-Notch Concrete Crack Repair

What starts as a minor crack in your industrial facility can lead to a more serious or potentially hazardous situation, especially in areas that are heavily trafficked with either pedestrian traffic or material handling vehicles such as pallet jacks and forklifts.

We know very well how critical the timely resolution of these defects is, which is why we offer a wide range of effective solutions. Our repair products are a result of our more than four decades of work in developing both exceptional semi-rigid and structural epoxy and polyurea concrete crack and defect repair products.

While one of our semi-rigid epoxies or polyureas may best meet your needs for repairing deteriorated joints or repairing a concrete crack that may continue to be altered during the Because cracks in concrete typically are a result of restraint during the concrete drying-shrinkage process, their dimensions can change during the long-term curing process of the floor. Crack dimensions can also change due to building climate.  It’s important to determine whether your cracks are active or static prior to selecting the right repair product.  We are here to help you make the right choice!

While it’s not possible to prevent all surface defects, cracks, or deeper concrete floor repair concerns, it’s easy to find the proper repair solution for your facility within our line of top-quality repair product solutions. We invite you to browse our product line to identify the most suitable products for your needs.

Crack Repair Made Easy with Metzger/McGuire

No crack or repair need is the same, which is why you’ll find a range of crack repair solutions for your specific situation and your commercial or industrial floor.

Our semi-rigid epoxy and polyurea crack repair solutions include:

MM-80: This product is the first semi-rigid epoxy of its kind and is widely recognized as the “industry standard.” MM-80 is designed for filling and protecting joints in areas that bear heavy traffic and significant loads and is equally well suited for joint filling or joint and crack repair.

MM-80P: This product is a variation of MM-80 conveniently ratioed at 1:1 for dispensing through dual component pumps or for easier portioning when dispensing manually. Primary function of the product is to protect joint edges from spalling under heavily loaded wheeled traffic, as well as crack and joint repair. 

Spal-Pro RS 88: This semi-rigid polyurea also protects and fills contraction and construction joint edges in areas that bear a high amount of traffic, and due to its rapid set time, it’s perfect when downtime is limited.  Also well suited for repairing random cracks in industrial floors.

Edge-Pro 80: This rapid-setting, semi-rigid polyurea is formulated to both fill and protect joints as well as address random cracking in exposed concrete floors.  The product is rapid setting and moisture tolerant.

Edge-Pro 90: Developed to fill and protect joints in heavy duty industrial concrete floors subjected to frequent and demanding traffic. Its primary function is to protect joint edges from spalling under material handling vehicle traffic.

Rapid Refloor: This low viscosity, structural polyurea is appropriate for repair of random cracks, bolt holes, popouts, and other minor surface imperfections.

Spal-Pro 2000: Formulated for use in both ambient and freezer/cooler concrete floors, Spal-Pro 2000’s unequaled durability, versatility and quick cure makes it the most widely used repair material for industrial floors across the country. 

Most of the products listed are available in more than 72 standard ColorFast Colors to better help hide the repairs in both industrial and retail/commercial or stained/polished concrete floors.  Browse the options online or call us at 1-800-223-6680 for further detail on any of our products, color options, technical support, and more.

Experience the Metzger/McGuire Difference

For over 45 years, Metzger/McGuire’s sole focus has been formulating products to meet the concrete floor industry’s specific protection needs. Our goal is to provide your team with long-lasting, dependable, unequalled solutions for all your floor protection needs.

We’re eager to partner with you to meet all your concrete floor protection and crack repair concerns. If you would like to learn more about our professional consulting services or learn about our extensive network of national and international distributors, we’re just a phone call away at 1-800-223-6680. We promise a real live person will answer your call!  Our team will gladly locate the closest distributor or field your questions about our product line. If you have a specific product-related question, we also welcome you to send us an online query via our website if preferred.

We’re eager to share our knowledge and provide the answers and reliable products you’ll confidently turn to again and again.