Joint Repair Products that Provide Industry-Leading Solutions

Metzger/McGuire epoxy and polyurea joint filler products stand in a class of their own for joint repair solutions you can trust to last.

Joint maintenance and the need to repair joint edge spalls, deterioration, cracking, or larger filler separation voids is inevitable over time in even the most durably constructed concrete floors. Whatever the root cause of the deterioration, whether it’s simply wear and tear, failure to properly fill joints at the time of construction or other improper construction methods, Metzger/McGuire is eager to assist you with advice and solutions for all your concrete floor repair and maintenance needs.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Joint Repair Solution

The concrete floor is the worksurface upon which an entire building’s operations rely upon to ensure a productive and safe workplace.  At Metzger/McGuire, we don’t take for granted the importance of well-built, durable concrete floor.  Floor joints are an important – and vulnerable – part of a concrete floor system.  Maintaining floor joints to prevent spalling and joint edge damage is critical to ensure the long term durability and serviceability of your building’s most important asset.

Just as there is no singular joint repair and maintenance issue, there is also not always a one-size-fits-all repair solution. Whether you’re dealing with joint filler separation, joint filler collapse, or slab edge curling, it’s also important to consider the scale, severity and the underlying cause of the issue to help you choose the right solution and product.

Metzger/McGuire stands ready to be your expert partner in determining cost-effective, long term solutions for all your floor joint repairs.  We can help you take the guesswork and trial-and-error process out of floor repair equation by reviewing your floor problems and your operational needs to determine the best long term solutions to ensure your material handling operation runs at maximum efficiency.

Trusted Joint Repair Products from Metzger/McGuire

No matter the specific challenge you’re facing with your concrete flooring, we have the joint repair solutions you need to repair your floor once and repair it right. Our products are specifically designed to provide durable repairs of a whole host of concrete floor issues, from minor joint edge repair to major joint edge rebuilding/re-nosing to under slab stabilization of concrete panels.

If you’re experiencing issues with joint filler separation-a common issue when joint fillers are installed early in the concrete floor’s curing stage-there are several semi-rigid joint filler solutions to consider:

  • MM-80: Distinctive for its status as the very first semi-rigid joint filler of its kind, this product is now an industry standard when it comes to addressing minor to more pervasive joint filler separation and deterioration concerns.
  • Rapid Access Spal-Pro RS-88: When access time is critical semi-rigid polyurea joint fillers like Spal-Pro RS 88 can be an ideal solution.
  • Spal-Pro 2000 or Spal-Pro RSF: These heavy-duty, semi-rigid polyurea joint fillers can address joint filler issues as well as cracks in lower-temperature spaces such as freezer/coolers.

In situations where you’re facing deeper/wider voids as a result of serious joint spalling from long term lack of maintenance, often times a joint may need to be “rebuilt” or “re-nosed” using a rigid structural epoxy mortar system. Options include Armor-Hard and Armor-Hard Extreme, a pair of early setting structural epoxy systems unequaled in their industry-leading durability. More rigid semi-rigid fillers, such as our MM-80 or Spal-Pro 2000, can also be suitable depending on the scope and scale of the repairs and the demands of your operation.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to shoulder the burden of guessing or agonizing over the right solution for your concrete floor joint repair concern. Whatever the specific details or severity of your repair need, Metzger/McGuire has the expertise and the right solution for your commercial or industrial buildings. Simply pick up the phone or send an email to to learn more about our industry-leading joint repair products and benefit from the knowledge of our seasoned concrete flooring construction, maintenance, design, and repair experts. Please consider Metzger/McGuire as your partner in floor protection.

Feel Confident in Joint Repair with Metzger/McGuire

We don’t take even a small defect in your concrete flooring lightly at Metzger/McGuire. Though an issue may start small, we know very well the potential for rapid degradation and the need for more complicated, costly repairs down the road if issues are left unaddressed.

Rather than allowing a repair issue to disrupt your operation, damage your material handling vehicles, and potentially compromise the safety of your facility, we urge you to turn to us as your trusted partner for all your repair concerns. We can point you in the right direction and offer solutions for all your concrete floor issues-whether they are our products or solutions from other industry manufacturers.

Simply call us at 1-800-223-6680 for a repair consultation or recommendation or to learn more about our products and services—including our video resources on common repairs and applications of our joint repair materials and the trainings we provide.

If you’re looking for nothing but the best when it comes to caring for and resolving joint repair concerns in your commercial or industrial facility, look no further than Metzger/McGuire.  With 45+ years of experience as industry leader in concrete floor joint protection systems, we look forward to providing the world-class joint repair solutions you need.