Armor-Hard LV Concrete Repair

Extended Pot Life Structural Epoxy


Armor-Hard LV is a two-component, 100% solids, extended pot life structural

epoxy system designed for the repair of surface spalls and defects in heavily trafficked industrial concrete floors. When cured, Armor-Hard LV is a gray, rigid restoration material with a Shore D Hardness of 86.

Compressive Strength: 10,800 psi


1 gallon (U.S.) unit, composed of two one gallon cans of pre-measured epoxy liquids. 2 parts Part A Resin: 1 part Part B Hardener.  Mix Ratio 2A:1B

Related Products

Armor-Hard Liquid or Kit – early set structural epoxy repair mortar for large surface spalls and joint edge rebuild/re-nosing in ambient buildings 50°F or higher.

Armor-Hard Extreme Liquid or Kit – quick set structural epoxy repair product for large surface spalls and joint edge rebuild/re-nosing in buildings 20°F or higher.

Typical Use

As a liquid

• Tilt-up patching

• Fill wider random cracks

As a mortar

• As a topping for delaminated slabs

• Fill in holes, potholes, gouges, ruts, popouts

 Silica Standards

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