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  • Industrial and Retail Concrete Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Products

    “Known by the Floors We Protect” for More than 40 Years
  • ColorFast Floor Joint Fillers and Repair Materials

    A complete line of standard and custom colored materials to meet your project’s needs
  • Industrial Concrete Floor Repair Solutions

    Highest quality repair materials and expert support ensure long-lasting repair solutions
  • Stained/Polished Concrete Floor Remodel and Repair

    Wide selection of colored repair materials to expertly restore existing concrete floors
  • Moderate-Duty, Semi-Rigid Polyurea Joint Filler for Retail and Warehouse Concrete Floors

Industry Standard Epoxies and Polyureas for Concrete Floors

MM-80P  The Industry Standard Heavy-Duty Epoxy Joint Filler
SPAL-PRO RS 88  Heavy-Duty, Rapid Set Polyurea Joint Filler
rapid refloorRapid RefloorLow Viscosity, Rapid Set Structural Concrete Repair Polymer
Rapid Refloor XPExtended Pot Life, Rapid Setting Structural Concrete Repair Product  
RRPitGroutRapid Refloor Pit Grout Rapid Set Surface Restoration Polymer
 Armor Hard Extreme Logo THUMBArmor-Hard ExtremeQuick Set, Multi-Temp Structural  Epoxy Mortar
spal proSPAL-PRO 2000Heavy Duty, Rapid-Set Polyurea Polymer for Joint Filler & Repair

Industry Applications

Industrial Concrete Floors
Metzger/McGuire has been the leader in industrial floor joint protection systems for more than 40 years with our Heavy Duty Epoxy Joint Filler MM-80 and our Spal-Pro Series of Rapid Set Polyurea Joint Fillers…


Stained & Polished Concrete Floors
Our ColorFast line of colored joint fillers and concrete repair products provides designers and contractors with unlimited color options to ensure that joints and surface defects blend as seamlessly as possible within the floor canvas…
Concrete Floor Repairs
From demanding high traffic distribution centers to moderate duty commercial and retail buildings, our rapid setting, low odor repair products ensure lasting repair solutions with minimal interference to the work environment…















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